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The Royal Children's Hospital

The Royal Children's Hospital (originally located in Parkville) was officially opened on 25th February 1963. The modernist building stood many years, however it was showing signs of fatigue. Nevertheless, it remained home for many hundreds of staff and patients, and a haven for carers and visitors.

The Old Royal Children's Hospital was a nostalgic building built in Victoria and it was my favourite destination to ride with my dad once a year when I was a young child. Old RCH stood many years before 2010 until it got replaced by the new hospital built next door in 2011. Now in present times, the old site no longer exist and the land turned into a Royal Park Nature Play Playground.

When the Royal Children's Hospital turned 150. I wanted to build the RCH in blender 3D and I thought it would not be possible because of my lack of skills on building unlike I built RCH in The Sims 3 for my Machinima Music Video.
The project began in 2021 with Blender 3D and took under six months to complete without any complication. Special thanks to a photographer who took many photos of the building during demolition and many references on the internet. Building the RCH in Blender was not difficult to build, it was pretty simple to build.